Unprecedented Revival

“All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name.” Psalm 86:9

We are living in unprecedented times; Pandemic, government upheaval, and at the present time in Oklahoma an unprecedented winter storm!

Never before have I experienced -28 wind chill and day-after-day of snowfall. It feels like Spring Break of 2020. I’m beginning to wonder when we will return to the classroom. Hopefully, soon.

This morning in my prayer time, the thought came to me to ask God for an unprecedented revival; one like the world has never seen before.

Ask God for fearless faith to believe that He CAN and WILL bring an unprecedented revival.

Christian, pray revival comes soon! Pray revival stays a long time!

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25 thoughts on “Unprecedented Revival

  1. I agree with you in prayer for revival, Deb.

    I also prayed for our President today. After all, it’s President’s Day! I asked God to help President Biden lead with integrity, humility and wisdom.

    I am surviving the Oklahoma blizzard and uncommon cold as well. Our power was out for almost 12 hours yesterday. Thank God, it’s back on now!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I prayed for our president today, too. I’m so sorry to hear about your power being out for nearly 12 yours yesterday! I’m happy to hear it is on now! We are being cautioned to conserve energy and I’m doing my best to do that. More snow and even colder temps on on the way for Tuesday! Stay safe and stay warm!

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  2. My friend, I stand with you in prayer for the revival. Amen.
    The winter storm is still upon us here in TX as well. Today wind chill -7° (way warmer than your -28°). Driving conditions are very tricky, coupled with intermittent black-out periods as they struggle to control the over use of electricity. The outage periods leaves the home very cold and if you are lucky enough to own an electric stove, a double whammy.
    But we forge onward.
    Let us be warm and safe.

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    1. I’m sure glad God answers prayers that are according to His will, and revival is in HIS WILL! I’m both safe and warm. My area experienced a power outage this morning, but everything is up and running now. We’re probably going to see that every now and again until it warm us as a way of conserving energy. 🌷🌸🌹🌼💐🌻 I’m ready for springtime!

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  3. I am reminded of the worship song
    “ Lord send revival, Lord send it now. A move of your spirit, Heaven break out come now in power. Cover this land.”
    I join you in this prayer Deb.

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  4. This reminds of the worship song
    “Lord send revival
    Lord send it now
    A move of Your Spirit
    Heaven break out
    Come now in power
    Cover this land”
    I stand with you in prayer for revival.
    Blessings to you Deb.

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  5. Praying along with you for a revival. God works through our prayers and we need His power to bring change to the hearts of people. Stay warm Deb! ❄️🥶❄️

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  6. You’ve encouraged me to buckle down in praying for revival. Do we ever need a mighty movement of God among us! Up here in Kansas, we are very cold and snowy as well. It was -11 here this morning – real temperature! Our daughter and son-in-law in Kansas have sleet/snow on the coast. It’s a mess down there. Take care, Deb, and stay warm and safe.

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    1. It’s nice to hear from you! I thought about you and Aaron the other day when I saw the Valentine display of nightgowns in the store’s front!😂 I think that should become a Valentine’s Day traditional blog, just like the reading of the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve😂! Well, we are still an icebox in Oklahoma! How about Kansas?

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