God’s Mercy

If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute and it'll change. - Will Rogers

There’s no more dependable quote about Oklahoma’s weather than the one made by Will Rogers!  To let you know how accurate that quote is, yesterday, we experienced temperatures dropping from 60 to 20 degrees, a thunderstorm, hail, and snow all within 24 hours!  Today started out cloudy with sleet and snow.  Presently, it is sunny, blue skies and not a drop of moisture in the air!  Some days, it’s hard to know how to dress and how to plan!

For the past several days, I had been planning a trip.  Last night before going to bed, I knew there was a strong possibility that the weather might prohibit me from going, but I prepared just in case the radar was wrong!

When my alarm sounded, I got up, went to the door to look out, and I was greeted with freezing wind, snow flurries, and snow on the ground.

I prayed and asked the Lord to show me what to do. 

Answer #1:  When I turned on the television to check the weather, the first thing I saw was an accident on the highway, I would be traveling on to get to the interstate.  It was still early, so I thought I would do my quiet time and recheck the weather later.

Answer #2:  When I finished my quiet time, I turned on the television to recheck the weather and heard a report of a four-wheel-drive truck in the ditch on the interstate I would be traveling.

After two weather reports, plus what I saw with my eyes, I believed the Lord showed me what to do UNTIL (about an hour later) I “figured” the roads were probably better and decided to get dressed and give it a try.

Answer #3:  While I was getting ready, the phone rang.  It was the person I was going to visit telling me not to come because the roads were too bad.

I’ve been asking myself all day why did it take God three times to tell me, “do not go,” before I stayed home? I know better than to ask God for help and to shun His answer.

He will cover you with His feathers, He will shelter you with His wings.  His faithful promises are your armor and protection.  Psalms 91:4

I am thankful God did not give up on me this morning when I took matters into my hands.  I may never know why He didn’t want me to go,  but right now, I feel safe, secure, loved, and protected.  Great is His mercy.  Great is His faithfulness.




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  1. Remember that story about a flood and the people crying out from their rooftop as God sent three modes of rescue they turned down?He does have to get our attention sometimes. Sorry your plans changed but glad you were willing to be safe rather than sorry.

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  2. He always takes care of us and meets us where we are…even if it means giving us extra confirmations. He’s a good Father. Glad you were safe at home today. 😊

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  3. Such a GREAT post Ms. Deb! Friday, I was going to go to my mom’s house and didn’t even bother to check the weather. When I went outside to crank up my car, it was covered in ice (answer #1). I loaded the kids and prayed (and immediately felt that I should stay home) before pulling out of the driveway and my car slid a little (answer #2 &3 . I began driving and felt that feeling within saying “this is not a good day to go (clue #4). I turned my car around and went right back home. I went to pull my garbage cans back in after they had been dumped; and noticed the sheet of ice on the road. Thank God for His wisdom, patience, mercy and love!

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