PreK Funny Story #5 Is Caring Really Sharing?🤔

Today was snow cone day! Everyone who met their Accelerated Reading (AR) goal, earned a snow cone 🍧 and in our case, that meant the whole class.

After rest time, the class was scurrying around to get ready to go to the snow cone stand close by our school. While we were waiting for everyone to put away their mats and slip on their shoes Kay, came up to me and said: “Mrs. Deb, I have a really bad cough and a very bad sneeze.”🤧

I asked her to repeat what she said because I didn’t understand her the first time. Again she said, “I have a really bad cough and a very bad sneeze.”🤧

Immediately, I thought🤔, “Oh, no, I hope she’s not getting sick,” but that’s not what came out of my mouth. Instead, I said, “Kay, if you have a really bad cough and a very bad sneeze🤧, I think you should keep it to yourself and not share it with anyone!” 😷

One of our little boys overheard our conversation, and said, “Eh, Mrs. Deb, caring is sharing,” and flashed me a smile that said, “Gotcha!”😁

It’s amazing to me how kids can hear your conversation with someone else, but they rarely listen while you are speaking to them. 😂

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  1. This was so cute! I love to hear about kids finding humor! Both my girls were AR readers. My oldest was the top reader one year and won a bowling trip with the principal. My youngest was in the top also. I loved reading with my girls when they were growing up!

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