Should You Have Said That? Classroom Stories🍎

“I cannot believe you said that!” Those were the exact words the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart after telling one of my little boys, “PT, go to your desk and don’t come back until your work is finished.” Ouch, I still feel the sting of those words!

PT does not work well by himself.  When he barely makes a chicken scratch on his paper, he has to come to show me, and when he does, I ask, “Are you finished”?  He shakes his head yes, I shake my head no, and send him back to his seat.  Or, he brings his paper to me and asks, “How am I doing?”  I tell him, “You’re doing a great job, buddy.  Now, go back to your seat and finish.”  He walks back to his seat, makes a few more marks, walks back to my desk and we go through the same conversation aaaaagain!

On this particular day, I was beginning to lose my patience with him, when the Master Teacher pulled me aside to teach me a thing or two.

“Deb, you are just like PT.  You are at my throne all day long.  Have I ever sent you away?  Have I ever told you not to come back until you figure things out?

“No, Lord, you have not.”

“When you are in need of confidence or affirmation, have I ever sent you away?”

“No, Lord, you have not.”

“Deb, give this little boy what he needs.”

“Yes, Lord, I will.”

With the Lord’s help, I asked PT to come back to my desk, and we worked together on his coloring page.

We broke down the task into little increments.  PT picked his colors, and I told him what to color.  When he was finished, I told him what to color next.  As you can imagine, PT colored his page entirely, and we were both smiling in the end.

All discipline for the moment may not be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness.  Hebrews 12:11









11 thoughts on “Should You Have Said That? Classroom Stories🍎

  1. We can be so quick to run out of patience with someone but what you wrote made me think that yes I go to the Lord all day with a multitude of things and often for the same things.
    And He never sends us away.
    Thankyou Deb for sharing this.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this Deborah. The Lord disciplines those He loves (Proverbs 3:12). I’m thankful the Holy Spirit teaches us. And you did a great job of listening to His voice. God bless you. 🥰

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  3. We have all had those God moments that made us go ouch, but what you did with this little boy at the end was phenomenal! He will never forget the patience that you had with him! It will keep him going some day in his future! I remember my best teachers who made me feel special when I didn’t feel I was up to the task. They inspired me, and I never forgot those moments, the encouraging words or them!

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