How to Apply Your Hands to God’s Plans

When God tells you to do something, what is your response? ~~ Uh? Really? What? Later! Or OK!

This morning the Lord spoke to my heart about a matter. I took to pen and paper writing down all I felt He was telling me. Once I finished writing, I asked, ~~“God, what will this look like and where do I start?” He answered back, “Build a boat, Deb!” 

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I thought, “Hmm, a boat.  I think I’ll read about Noah.”  So I opened my Bible to the sixth chapter of Genesis and read the account of Noah and the ark. God wanted me to see that when He told Noah to build the ark, He also supplied Noah with a plan and the specific steps Noah would need to complete the project, right down to the food Noah would need to take onboard for himself and his family! God thought of everything!

Is there something that God has spoken to your heart about?  What does He want you to do that you don’t know how to do or where to start?  May I offer a few simple suggestions:

Begin with prayer.  Ask God for the plan.

Write down what He reveals to you. He may only give you one step, but be faithful and take it, and wait on Him to reveal the next one.

Do not delay or stop the process.  Like Noah, do all that He commands you to do.  (It took Noah somewhere between 100-120 years to finish the ark.)

Perservere and be intentional.  If you aren’t you will never get the boat built.

Tell someone what God has asked you to do.  Share the plan that He gives to you with someone else.  Accountability is good for all of us.

God provided the plan, and Noah provided the hands.





11 thoughts on “How to Apply Your Hands to God’s Plans

  1. This is a great point Deborah. God usually guides us one step at a time. Every step is an act of obedience. Once we obey and take one step, He’ll show us the next step.

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  2. Well said! After I retired from teaching in June, 2018, I wasn’t sure where or how God would use me. He had guided me through 40 years of teaching. Surely and deliberately, He gave me time to reflect and think. As the new school year approached with me at home, I felt the urge to write poetry. In time, God guided my thoughts and pen to try writing Christian poetry. His Word has guided the words that been crafted into these poems.

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  3. BigSkyBuckeye and I have in common
    The retirement from years of teaching
    And the direction from God to blog
    Poetry… with the goal of reaching
    As many souls with positivity as we can.
    You asked us to “Share the plan”
    That He gave us with someone else.
    Accountability is tucked under our belts!
    And I am so glad that I found you,
    A kindred soul – a builder – so true!

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  4. Love this, God provided the plan and Noah provided the hands.
    We have to obedient and take the one step that he makes clear to us and trust Him to reveal the next step when the time is right.

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