Are You #1? Classroom Stories🍎

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A few nights ago, I dreamed about school.  (Pre-K’s have that effect on a teacher!)  I dreamed our new Pre-K class came to school knowing how to “Line up!”  When I told a friend of mine about my dream, she said, “You ARE dreaming!”  If you’ve ever taught Pre-K before, you know what I mean!  They may come to school potty trained, but they don’t show up the first day knowing how to “form a straight line”!

Lining up is cRaZy!🤪 It’s like trying to herd a litter of puppies or kittens together for a family portrait. Exhausting!  After a couple of weeks, some get it, and for those who don’t, we keep working on it because it’s essential!

It is interesting to watch those who do vs. those who don’t.  The first group makes their way to the door to line up behind the leader. The second group tends to wander around the room, looking for a place to stand.  After a while, they figure if they stand near me, they’re in the ballpark, hence the need for teaching them how to stand in a straight line!

Mastering the “line thing,” takes a couple of weeks, and then the real work begins; ATTITUDE!  Once they’ve figured out their space and realize someone is in front of them, all of a sudden, they aren’t happy with where they are.  They want to be #1, so they run, push, and shove the others out of their way to be first in line!

Lines have a way of checking our attitude, too.  Is it essential for you to to be #1?  If it is, you’re not alone.  The disciples competed for first place, also.  One day Jesus overheard them, discussing which of them was the greatest.  When He asked them what they were talking about, they didn’t utter a peep. Busted!  I think I would have remained silent, too!  In Jesus’ fashion, He didn’t let them off the hook when they didn’t answer back; instead, He settled their argument by telling them,

“If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.”  Mark 9:34-35

This is probably not the answer they expected to hear, but what they needed to hear, as do we.

When our littles run, push and shove their way to the first of the line, I send them to the back, and then we deal with the attitude of crying because they want to be first!  Like I said, the real work begins after learning the mechanics of lining up in a straight line.

One day when we were having an issue about who was going to be first, I told them that in the Bible Jesus said it is better to be last than to be first and to quit fussing over who gets to be first.  One of our “I’m not happy unless I’m first” little girls said, “Mrs. Deb, our preacher doesn’t preach that at our church.”  Well, at least I tried and will keep trying!

Let Others Go First

The next time you’re tempted

to vie for first place

Turn from your ego,

Look into His face.

For the last shall be first and

The first shall be last

Step aside, use your manners

And let others pass.




4 thoughts on “Are You #1? Classroom Stories🍎

  1. Cute story about the kids! Amazing how it applies to us adults too. Humility is important. Jesus desires for us to push pride aside and be humble.

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  2. Great post! The story of the little children learning to line up gives the reader something to think about. How do I line up with the Lord? Am I wandering around like some of those small children, lost and confused? Am I rushing to get in first place above others so that I can be seen? Am I just so happy to be in line with God and His Word that I’m just happy that He chose me to line up with Him? Therefore, I’m going to get as close as I can in line with His will for me and allow Him space to teach me how to do it if I’m just a bit off track. Very thought provoking. Be blessed!

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    1. I like what you said, “Am I just so happy to be in line with God and His Word that I’m just happy that He chose me to line up with Him?” Thankful and blessed to be in His line!

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