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How to Apply Your Hands to God’s Plans

When God tells you to do something, what is your response? ~~ Uh? Really? What? Later! Or OK! This morning the Lord spoke to my heart about a matter. I took to pen and paper writing down all I felt He was telling me. Once I finished writing, I asked, ~~"God, what will this look like... Continue Reading →

PreK Funny Story #1

With school starting this week, I've been hard-pressed to finish the blog I've been working on the past couple of days, so I'll share a funny short, but sweet PreK story with you😊 Today in PE, Coach had our littles run three full laps in the gym🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️. At the end of the third lap, they... Continue Reading →

Are You #1?

A few nights ago, I dreamed about school.  (Pre-K's have that effect on a teacher!)  I dreamed our new Pre-K class came to school knowing how to "Line up!"  When I told a friend of mine about my dream, she said, "You ARE dreaming!"  If you've ever taught Pre-K before, you know what I mean! ... Continue Reading →

Where is Your Focus?

Have you said, “I cannot live like this anymore!” or, “I hate my life!” You're sick and tired of disappointments, broken promises, death, illness, prodigal children, aging parents, unfaithful spouse, crummy job, prayers not getting answered. Do you open your Bible, read your devotion, write in your journal, spend time in prayer, wait for the Lord to... Continue Reading →

Waiting on God

Do you honestly believe God is working all things out for your good and for His glory?  Are you in the middle of some circumstances where you're having a tough time seeing God, or believing that He sees you?  Do you find yourself wondering how God can make something good out of something that feels... Continue Reading →

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